Public relations is about positive relationships. At Spread Communications, we champion your needs. We help clients build, sustain and strengthen key relationships. From approaching key stakeholders on your behalf to marshalling the online community in support of your brand, Spread Communications strategizes with your team to spread the word the way you want.

We implement community relations programs involving public events, sponsorship and profile development initiatives. We are our client’s local eyes and ears and provide insight and practical advice by identifying tangible community campaigns.

We focus on building good relationship with members of the community where you do business to build customer loyalty. Not only do we know the right people but also help you connect with them through the right platforms; from trade shows like GITEX and the Arabian Travel Market to select product launches and VIP events.

Our expertise range from grassroots campaigns to global program’s that have helped our clients across different sectors partner with stakeholders to effect change.  We do this through education and dialogue, influencing leaders and increasing the credibility and reach of key messages.

We understand that every business has a unique set of goals, and we work with you to develop messages, campaigns and programs that will get your business noticed.  We provide a comprehensive community relations service to our clients incorporating community engagement, strategy and consultation.

Our fundamentals begin with community research, including in-depth interviews, quality services, as well as community forums, focus groups and other qualitative techniques. Community events and activism are often a key part of our strategies.

At Spread, we develop and implement community engagement strategies, as well as focus on creating quality communications to inform and influence public opinions. We become your communications team providing advice on all aspects of communications and engagement. We can:

  • Research areas with gaps in specific business community and offer ways to connect with new groups

  • Connect with relevant stakeholders to reach your goals and fulfil their needs

  • Set-up new or updated communications programs to develop stronger relationships with your target audience.