Good communication starts internally. This is why Spread Communications partners with experts to deliver leadership communications and training, motivation and strategy sessions, and change management programmes. We harness digital and social media to keep internal stakeholders involved.

Improved communication drives successful business outcomes, including financial success, improved talent attraction and retention and financial success. Successful communication involves keeping employee up to date on events, products, changes and any information that may be relevant for them to do business. To assist our clients, we develop programmes that fundamentally strengthen business connections.  We use a narrative/key messaging work to develop a clear centralized narrative for the stated priorities – with opportunities and responses mapped against these narratives.

What is PR?

At Spread Communications, we specialize in developing and executing internal engagement strategies with expertise in:

  • Communication and engagement during mergers and acquisitions, IPOs

  • Communication strategies in workforce reductions and other significant changes that can have a negative impact on the business

  • Employee ambassador activation programs

  • Major milestone/anniversary celebrations

  • Employee involvement in sponsorships

  • Internal communications functions and audits

  • Internal newsletters

  • Introduction of new workforce tools and internal branding campaigns

  • Social engagement, including content creation and amplification

  • Visual content creation

  • Employee value proposition, talent retention and acquisition

  • Leadership communication and storytelling training

  • Culture and behavior change planning