Today’s interconnected world requires reputations to be constantly managed and safeguarded. The lightning speed of social media can shred a reputation before conventional channels have a chance to respond. In the incident of a crises, a quick and measured response is essential in rebuilding relations, whether it is with customers, suppliers, stakeholders or the public.

That’s why we pre-empt reputational damage by working with our clients to create comprehensive crisis management plans. Should a crisis occur, we respond instantly by liaising with management to take control of the media narrative and help navigate negative events and bad news, which could hurt their reputation in the marketplace.

We deliver a multi-pronged strategy to significantly build credibility, confidence and trust in a brand. At Spread, we offer a 360 degree service including online reputation management, reputation restoration and issues management in the traditional press and online media. Our remit can cover everything from malicious attacks on online platforms to interviews by journalists. We monitor hundreds of websites, social media platforms, blogs, discussion forums, online news sites, newspapers, and television and radio stations every day of the year.

We work with you to identify and mitigate risks. We help plan and train in the event of a crises, and work with you to manage them.

Key areas of focus that we address with tailored messaging during the strategy phase includes:

  • Reinstating confidence in the brand and positive perceptions by building the core narrative

  • Humanizing the brand by mapping the reputation ecosystem

  • Ensuring communications are positive and specific

  • Restore a battered brand’s reputation, re-establishing credibility on the internet and in the press and broadcast media.