By Judith Miranda April 6, 2017 In Spread Blog

Three habits I picked up from PR

Joining the PR industry a little over a year ago, I didn’t anticipate what an impact the profession would have in the world today. Here are three things the #PRLife has taught me that has transcended into my daily life.

Be Reliable

If PR has taught me one thing, it’s this. Making promises and impressing people with words is an amazing talent, but actions can still speak for themselves.

From getting back to that email, keeping your schedule and finding time to smash out another press release; I have realized over time that it’s more important to manage your commitments and deadlines, everything else can wait. When you are consistently reliable, it will make your words and promises hold weight.

You can catch more flies…

Not everyone has something amazing to say or is going to be nice, except our clients of course. There are days that aren’t perfect but working around your challenges and maintaining your professionalism is what it is about, focusing on results instead of getting caught up in social niceties.

In work as well as your personal life, handling and detaching yourself from external negativity can help you stay objective and contribute to personal growth.

‘Have fun with it’

This is exactly what my boss tells me when I am handed a menial task. Jokes aside, in an industry that is fast paced and deadline oriented, it always helps to catch your breath and look around at all the good you’re doing. I believe that this is one of the most rewarding jobs, when you can feel a sense of achievement through the success of others.

There’s always going to be work, so stay in the moment and make the best of it. All the event invites and perks of the trade don’t hurt too.

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