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Why Instagram Archive is Your Brand’s Buddy

Why Instagram Archive is Your Brand's Buddy Earlier this year, a study unraveled a staggering number of business profiles set up on Instagram – 15 million. In March 2017 alone, over 120 million Instagram users visited a linked business website, called, emailed or sent a direct message to a brand profile on the app. But, [...]

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The Art of Investing in Yourself Through PR

The Art of Investing in Yourself through PR (please scroll down for Arabic) Quite often, I get asked what PR means, and what we actually do - I try to simplify and break it down as much possible - PR is a field that involves creating communications where attention and trust are earned rather than [...]

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The Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Whether you're conducting crisis management or churning out ads to attract new business, a solid online reputation is essential in today's digital marketplace. The Internet, and what people are saying about you and your organization is one of the most important influencers to organizational success. If you're not already investing in online reputation management, you're [...]

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Give Your PR Tactics a Tune Up

The PR world is continually evolving. The tried-and-true methods of the past for communication no longer guarantee the results we seek. In response, as PR professionals we must learn to change with the times. While certain classic PR methods, such as the coveted press release, still provide a valuable resource to funnel information to the [...]

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Three habits I picked up from PR

Joining the PR industry a little over a year ago, I didn’t anticipate what an impact the profession would have in the world today. Here are three things the #PRLife has taught me that has transcended into my daily life. Be Reliable If PR has taught me one thing, it’s this. Making promises and impressing [...]

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Why Healthy Reputations are Essential in Healthcare

Why Healthy Reputations are Essential in Healthcare (Please scroll down for Arabic) The UAE has transformed into a hub for health and wellness services, with healthcare communities, covering every imaginable field and ailment. With the expanse of healthcare services offered on the market generating cutthroat competition, it is no longer sufficient to solely raise awareness through [...]

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The Modern-Day Entrepreneur: Five Tips to Survive and Thrive

The Modern-Day Entrepreneur: Five Tips to Survive and Thrive (Please scroll down for Arabic) Building a company from the ground up can be one of the hardest things to do, and there might be times where you might just want to give up. The journey of entrepreneurship can be deeply personal, making it difficult to [...]

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Public Relations – the good, the mad and the bubbly

It is true what they say, that life is not like the movies. That being a grown up, with a 9-6 job is never just 9-6, it’s not always glamorous. About two thirds of the job requires you sitting with a laptop, at a meeting or interview unless you are standing at a press conference, [...]

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