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The Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Whether you’re conducting crisis management or churning out ads to attract new business, a solid online reputation is essential in today’s digital marketplace. The Internet, and what people are saying about you and your organization is one of the most important influencers to organizational success. If you’re not already investing in online reputation management, you’re behind the curve. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits for online reputation management and your organization.


What is Online Reputation Management?

Let’s start with the basics. Online reputation management (ORM), also called Personal Profiling, allows you to improve or restore your name or your brand’s good standing. By countering, weakening or eliminating any negative material found on the Internet with positive material, you can improve your credibility and customers’ trust in you and your brand.


Combat Potentially Negative Reviews

In the digital realm, one of the worst things that can happen to you or your organization is a negative online review. But what if someone posted one and you weren’t even aware of it?

Negative reviews directly affect your organization’s ability to attract new customers. A recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research found that 86% of respondents reported their buying decisions were directly influenced by negative reviews. Being proactive and monitoring what is said about you online is the only way to see, manage and respond to potential negative reviews and feedback. Knowledge is power, and knowing what people are saying about you helps you to better promote a positive image.


Promote Your Business

Public relations activities are not always centered on your product or services. Essentially anyone can place an online ad about their business, but PR and reputation management takes it to the next level. Reputation management allows you to promote the values of your business. For example, if you’re doing something for the community, such as sponsoring a local charity event, your reputation manager can whip up a press release about your activity. These candid company moments go a long way with local media and can generate positive awareness of your brand. Just getting your name out there in a positive light will help expand your consumer reach.


Trust, Transparency and Customer Service

ORM helps to develop a positive digital world-of-mouth advertising, which in turn builds consumer trust. Whenever any positive message or review spreads about your organization or products and services, ORM helps to make that message go viral online. On the flip side, when you receive a negative review, ORM grants you the opportunity to rectify the situation and respond to a consumer directly. This not only helps resolve the negative review but also shows you place customer service on your list of top priorities.


Higher Visibility in Search Engines

ORM works to improve your rankings on the popular search engines, such as Google and Bing. Online reputation management strategies are designed to deliver your positive reviews on the high rankings. When your pages appear on the top of search engines, your negative keywords and reviews shift to the back burner.


Cost Effective

Negative comments, reviews, and listings not only harm your online reputation but also affect business revenues and your bottom line. ORM services cost considerably less when compared to the expense associated with a poor online reputation.


When potential customers search for your business online, what will they find? When a customer researches your products/services and finds negative feedback, this can impact their perception of your company. ORM is essential for companies if they desire to remain competitive in the online marketplace. Through monitoring what others say about your brand on social media and other online outlets you can remain proactive and take positive actions to improve customer perceptions.


Are you interested in finding out how online reputation management can help your organization? Contact the ORM professionals at Spread Communications to learn more!

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